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For the past several years, GCPO has been receiving a large scale of support from the public for the installation of solar products in different districts of Uttarakhand, the Global Clean Power on Grid firm was registered on 3 March 2018 under GST registration – 06., GCPO, All related to Solar Project in Uttarakhand Transplantation of products and repairing work for maintenance is being done to the satisfaction of all its customers, especially for the needs of the public, the work of solar power plant, solar water heating system, and solar street light has been done in Uttarakhand for the past years. Is doing smoothly in different districts

Benefit Of Solar Energy



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Cost Savings

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Free Electricity

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What we do

We Provide professional solar services

We provide Full installation and cleaning services on various Solar products

Off-Grid Solar Power

These panels are not connected to the main power grid

Solar Panels Installation

Installation & Repairing & Cleaning

On Grid Solar Power

These are solar panels that are connected to the main power grid. 

Solar Street Lights

These lights absorb sunlight  and convert it into electricity

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Describe which solar product you are interested

Our Youtube

You can watch videos related to solar power plants and other solar products installed at our workplace side and after visiting the site, you can get all the technical information related to solar products and necessary resources and information as per cooperative rules

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