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For the past several years, GCPO has been receiving a large scale of support from the public for the installation of solar products in different districts of Uttarakhand, the Global Clean Power on Grid firm was registered on 3 March 2018 under GST registration - 06., GCPO, All related to Solar Project in Uttarakhand Transplantation of products and repairing work for maintenance is being done to the satisfaction of all its customers, especially for the needs of the public, the work of solar power plant, solar water heating system, and solar street light has been done in Uttarakhand for the past years. Is doing smoothly in different districts





Our Strategy

In Uttarakhand, Global Clean Power OnGrid (GCPO) conducts a survey of commercial and domestic solar projects at local sites by technical experts to establish power projects according to the needs of the general public, and then assess the actual needs of the interested beneficiaries of solar power projects After identification, the order to spend the appropriate amount is obtained by submitting the project report and the solar project is implanted as per the requirement of the beneficiary.


'GCPO' has taken up various projects in Uttarakhand regarding domestic solar products, in which demand is placed by the interested beneficiary for installation of solar products in 'GCPO' establishment as per his/her requirement, then on-site installation is done by 'GCPO' solar products. -Site delivery is done. An order is sought to get the work done by the interested beneficiary by conducting a survey by the GCPO, by making the local people aware of the direct and indirect benefits of the solar scheme and solar products, they are being motivated to use solar products, So that every public is pollution free access to clean solar energy



Ramesh Nautiyal


Global Clean Power OnGrid has been registered by the Government of India under firm registration, GST registration and by the Ministry of  MSME, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises for transplanting products related to solar Energy




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